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We cover international issues and organizational injustice that work across multiple countries. We emphasize cooperation with foreign media and NGOs.

We have co-reported on investigative reports with foreign media below:


Death on Distant Water:
Mongabay (Indonesia, US), Environmental Reporting Collective (Global Network)

CumEx Files:
Corrective(Germany), Panorama(Global Network), NBC(US), ABC(US), Le Monde(France), El Confidencial(Spain), DR(Denmark), Follow The Money(Netherlands), The Irish Times(Ireland), Børsen.(Denmark), Profil(Austria),, ama Bhungane(Johannesburg), De Tijd(Berlin), Il Sole 24 Ore(Italy),BBC (UK)

Blowing Unsmoke:
Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (US), Report, Rai 3 (Italy), Kyiv Post (Ukraine), Rise Romania (Romania), The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (UK), Investigative Reporting Lab (Macedonia), Aristegui Noticias (Mexico), Cuestión Pública (Colombia), Plaza Publica (Guatemala), Mariela Mejía (Dominican Republic),

Coal Crusades (Article of 2018 to 2020):
Tempo (Indonesia), Newstapa (Korea)


Coal Crusades (Article of 2021):
Australian Financial Review (Australia), Centre for Media and Development Initiatives Vietnam (Vietnam), Malaysiakini (Malaysia), Tortoise Media (U.K.), Tempo (Indonesia), Newstapa (Korea)

Tokyo Stories:
The Guardian (UK)

You can check each series that we collaborated with foreign media below:
Death on Distant Water
Numerous crew members died while working on distant-water tuna fishing vessels belonging to Dalian Ocean Fishing, a Chinese company whose primary market was Japan. In this series, Tansa reveals the system that keeps the crews’ sufferings covered from the Japanese consumers.

CumEx Files
A subsidiary company of Nomura Group, a Japanese leading securities company, involved in European fraud that they got a double dividend on stock.

Coal Crusades
For years, Japan has supported the construction of coal-fired power plants both at home and abroad. In 2018, Tansa investigated a pollution-belching plant in Indonesia. Now, we examine the construction of a new plant in Japan that will only add to the worsening climate crisis.

Blowing Unsmoke
Tobacco giant Philip Morris touts its heated cigarettes IQOS as a healthier alternative. Experts raise concerns about the product’s risk, but nevertheless, IQOS is being welcomed in tobacco-friendly Japan.

Tokyo Storys
Tokyo‘s GDP accounts for one-fifth of Japan's GDP. Its budget size surpasses Sweden’s national budget. But there are people who are left behind by growth. In 2018, 501 senior citizens died alone in Tokyo’s social housing.

Our Global Network

Tansa is an official member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN).
We participate in the GIJN's biennial World Congress, where we use the GIJN network as a base to share investigative journalism skills and ideas and to find partners to pursue our reporting together.

Social Impact Through Collaborative Reporting

Coal Crusades reported that Chubu Electric Power Company of South Korea, which had entered a coal-fired power plant in Indonesia together with a Japanese company, announced its withdrawal from the project.


Supporter of the Free Press Award from the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan

Poverty Journalism Grand Prize from the Anti-Poverty Network

Linked Open Data Excellence Award in the application field from the LOD Challenge


  • Open and Big Data Award from VLED
  • Journalism X Award from the Journalism Citizen Support Fund


  • The Society of Publishers in Asia Awards 2022
  • PEP Journalism Awards 2022 from Asia Pacific Initiative


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