Tansa doesn’t run ads, in order to maintain editorial independence. We don’t have a paywall, so everyone can freely access our stories. That said, we still need to be able to support our team as we put in the time and effort required of investigative journalism.

Our work would not be possible without our donors. Whether one-time or recurring, we hope you will help us make a difference by donating as you are able. From everyone at Tansa, thank you for your support!

Types of support

Monthly or Onetime support


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Tansa membership

・Gold Pen Membership:300,000 yen (about $2,200) a year. You can be invited to an exclusive event with Tansa’s leadership team and receive copies of financial and impact reports.
・Silver Pen Membership:100,000 yen (about $730) a year. You can receive copies of financial and impact reports.
・Please contact us in advance.

  • How we use your donations

    Tansa greatly appreciates your support, and we’ll make every yen count! Here’s how we use your donations.

    ・Reporting costs such as transportation, access to databases, and requests for documents.
    ・Personnel costs, the majority of which go to paying our reporters a fair wage.
    ・Operational costs, including for our website, databases, and events.
    ・Administrative costs for office supplies, etc.

  • FAQ

    Q1:Can organizations donate?
    A1:Please get in touch at if your organization is considering making a donation. We reserve the right to decline donations in order to maintain Tansa’s editorial independence; thank you for your understanding.
    Q2:Where can I contact you regarding donations?
    A2:Please contact .