Whistleblower support

Tansa welcomes tips from the public, especially insider information regarding corruption or injustices that harm others. Our investigations and reporting are positioned in opposition toward power, and we hope to receive information whose disclosure will contribute to a more just society.

Please use one of the following contact methods if you have tips or information for us.

Under Japanese law, organizations are prohibited from dismissing or subjecting to unfair treatment employees who act as whistleblowers for the public good. That said, we recommend against contacting us via a computer or phone provided by your organization. If discovered, your organization could still find an excuse to dismiss or otherwise punish you. Please make sure to take all necessary precautions when contacting us as a whistleblower. Once we begin to follow a lead, we will do everything in our power to protect our sources.

Tansa’s Facebook and Twitter pages are only used to convey information; we do not use our social media accounts to exchanging information related to our investigations.

Although we will thoroughly examine and investigate the information you provide, we cannot guarantee that we will report on it. Thank you for your understanding.

Please send all tips to tansa.info@protonmail.com


ProtonMail is a free encrypted email service based in Switzerland. File attachments are also encrypted. Even the provider cannot view the content of sent and received messages. All Tansa members use ProtonMail.

Tor is used to make IP addresses anonymous. Even we will not know where a source connected from. You can further protect your anonymity by using Tor in conjunction with an encrypted email service, such as ProtonMail.