New cross-border collaboration: Asian Stories

2020.12.07 11:21 Tansa

“The world’s story is now an Asian story.”

Tansa is excited to announce our participation in the Judith Neilson Institute’s newly launched project Asian Stories. Together with journalists from the following newsrooms, we’ll be investigating energy, environment, and resource issues in the Asian region. Stories to come in 2021!

・Tempo (Indonesia)

・KCIJ Newstapa (South Korea)

・Malaysiakini (Malaysia)

・The Centre for Media and Development Initiatives (Vietnam)

・The Australia Financial Review (Australia)

・Tortoise Media (UK)

One of our reporting partners, Malaysiakini, was featured in a short film called “The Long Road,” created by Lauren Rose Beck and commissioned by the Judith Neilson Institute to launch Asian Stories.

In its announcement of the new collaboration, JNI noted that “Collaborations by Asian media on regional issues is still relatively rare. Globally, Asia-literate journalists are still a minority and international media ignore vital stories across the region.”

We’re ready to change that.

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