Online journalism course

Tansa offers an online journalism course, Tansa School. Its mission is to raise the skill level of both professional and citizen journalists, particularly in investigative journalism, as well as create a community of practitioners that goes beyond organizational boundaries.

Tansa School is comprised of 10 video lectures and a number of real-time sessions, with online and in-person participation both possible. There are two levels, basic and advanced, and each are held once per year.

The course is taught by Tansa Editor-in-Chief Makoto Watanabe, Professor Kazuhiro Tsuji, and open data specialist Makiko Watanabe. Guest lecturers include former Asahi Shimbun investigative section head Taka’aki Yorimitsu and former New York Times Tokyo Bureau Chief Martin Fackler.

For prospective applicants

Applicants from abroad are welcome to participate in Tansa School, but please note that the course is only offered in Japanese. Please read Tansa School’s Japanese page if you are considering applying.