The Chapter In Question, Chapter 11 “Adults Who Want To Escape Responsibility” Is Essential (17)

2023.08.23 10:38 Nanami Nakagawa

Kyodo News took issue with reporter Yoichi Ishikawa’s criticism of the Nagasaki Shimbun in chapter 11 of his book, “The Sanctuary of Bullying.” Ishikawa, who was put on the examination committee, is isolated in the company and has no allies.

But Dai Sasaki, the owner of a cram school in Nagasaki city, appeared. He submitted a written opinion to Kyodo News, appealing to the legitimacy of Ishikawa’s book.

Sasaki wrote in his opinion that the 11th chapter in question was essential.

Nagasaki Shimbun, Reporter Doshita, “Kyodo’s article distorted facts”

On February 10, 2021, Sasaki held a press conference at the Prefectural Press Club at the Nagasaki Prefectural Office. Kaisei Gakuen High School denied the third-party committee’s report that Hayato Fukuura’s suicide was due to bullying, and avoided addressing the situation to the public. Sasaki, together with Kaisei Gakuen graduates and parents, launched a petition to Kaisei Gakuen demanding an explanation, which he reported during the press conference.

After the press conference, Sasaki heard a story from a prefectural official.

After Sasaki’s press conference, that official spoke with Nagasaki Shimbun reporter Koichi Doshita. At that time, Doshita referred to Ishikawa’s scoop, which drove the prefecture into a corner, and said the following: The scoop reported that the prefecture had confirmed a proposal from Kaisei Gakuen to the bereaved family to call Hayato’s suicide a “sudden death.”

“Kyodo’s article distorted the facts. I told my coworkers not to use it in the Nagasaki Shimbun. Kyodo has no physical paper. If the Nagasaki Shimbun does not use it, it will only be published on the Internet.”

The Kyodo News article is based on recordings entrusted to Ishikawa by the bereaved family. The recordings contained exchanges between Kaisei Gakuen, the prefecture, and the bereaved family. In his opinion, Sasaki concluded that Doshita’s claim that he distorted the facts was like “blasphemy against the bereaved family” and wrote:

I am keenly aware of the deep-rooted problems of the media in Nagasaki and the seriousness of the situation that such conversations are being held casually in the prefectural office.

Doshita’s remarks also support what Ishikawa wrote in his book.

Ishikawa described the Nagasaki Shimbun’s failure to report Kyodo News’ scoop on Hayato’s case as “Local media ignores.”

In response, the Nagasaki Shimbun and Kyodo News are prosecuting Ishikawa, claiming that this is defamation of the Nagasaki Shimbun. However, Doshita’s remark to the prefectural official is a self-admission of “ignoring.”

It is clear that the Nagasaki Shimbun was intentionally instructed not to use Kyodo News articles.

Kaisei High School Principal “It’s only the media outside the prefecture that are making a fuss”

What does the collusion between the local media and the government bring? Sasaki wrote about what happened when he had a conversation with Shinichiro Takekawa, the principal of Kaisei High School, dollowing Hayato committed suicide.

“It’s only the media outside the prefecture that are making a fuss. Reporters from within the prefecture are well aware of the position of the school (p. 371, line 13).” At the time of this remark, Principal Takekawa spoke in a way that admonished me with an attitude of pity, as if to say, “You don’t know anything, do you?”


(Partially omitted)


This one remark made me decide to start the signature campaign.

What do Takekawa’s words mean?

I am convinced that the habitual collusion of the government and the media has become the breeding ground for the Kaisei incident.


I appreciate this book’s detailed investigation of administrative dishonesty.


(Partially omitted)


I think many senses are paralyzed in Nagasaki. As a result, there have been many incidents in which children have been unfairly hurt and even taken their lives. In order to face these defects, I believe that Chapter 11, which described the situation at that time as it was, was indispensable.

“The value of this book is immeasurable.”

Hoping that Kyodo News would not ruin Ishikawa, a valuable reporter, Sasaki concluded his opinion as follows:

It seems that there is no longer healthy journalism in Nagasaki’s local media. If this is the case, the region will not develop, and it will not be possible to save children and the vulnerable. The value of this book is immeasurable, as it sheds light on Nagasaki’s “not rocking the boat principle” and collusion so that Nagasaki will not make the same mistake as much as possible.


(Partially omitted)


In Nagasaki, where the media is malfunctioning, I pay tribute to Kyodo News for fulfilling the spirit of journalism. At the same time, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the author for continuing his sound criticism even after leaving his post at Nagasaki. Not just the general population, but even those in the media, praise Yoichi Ishikawa’s journalistic attitude.

Nagasaki Shimbun Headquaters (Photo by Nanami Nakagawa on June 9, 2023)

To be continued.

(Originally published in Japanese on June 9, 2023. Translation by Mana Shibata.)